Please be cautious of recruitment scams falsely claiming to be hiring on behalf of Coachbit.

Should you feel you are the victim of a recruitment scam please contact our team at Our team will verify the legitimacy of any recruitment communication you may be concerned about.

A few helpful tips to know if you are being scammed:

1. Coachbit will not send unsolicited emails or social media messages

2. Interviews with candidates will not be conducted via messaging applications

3. All communication from Coachbit will be from a email address and NOT a email address

4. Coachbit will not ask you to provide sensitive personal information such as your social security number, bank account information, or credit card number during the recruitment process

5. Coachbit will never ask you to pay money towards a job opportunity

6. All legitimate job opportunities can be found on this page

Once again, should you feel the need to verify communication or an offer please contact our team at:

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